Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outside Work Around the House!

I have been working so hard this week on the front porch and back deck. I power washed them both on Saturday AFTER we got 1 1/2 yards of red mulch!! 12 hours about killed me! Still need another yard of mulch and that should do it for this year! Here is a sneak peak before it is done!

I stained the front porch and the wood is in pretty bad shape. Next year we are going to have to sand the floor to get it looking good again but it will work fine for this year. Still waiting for it to dry! It is so humid that it takes forever to dry. Red cedar is a soft wood and we now put a gate up to keep our dog from scratching it so much. See all the marks?

Now I am staining the back deck a redwood and I just LOVE it. It matches the red mulch and gives some color to the back of the house! Here is one of the 7 sections of railing!! Too many small spaces to stain!

My next project will be to wire brush, prime and paint this patio set. It is looking rough!

So now you see what I have been doing all week!!


  1. Working hard indeed...I love that red stain...looks great. And your patio set will look all fresh and new again soon!~ Get out the spray paint!

  2. You are busy busy. Try to stay cool!

  3. You are a busy busy woman! I am going to the beach!!! Don't hurt yourself and stay cool! Can't wait to see it when it is done. I know it will look awesome!

  4. Oh does seem to take loads of time each year to get the yard/garden in shape. A necessary evil! Take deserve it.

  5. Sounds like you're really busy! Staning a deck and railings is hard work I remember when I did mine last year Ugh! It's all going to be so worth it when you're done. It's looking great already.


  6. Looking good...the red stain looks really good! Take care while your out there in this HOT temps!


  7. That's a lot of hard work! But boy are you going to enjoy your beautiful "new" backyard this summer!
    That is so awesome that your husband surprised you with the scale!

  8. OK now I feel really awful, my yard needs so help after seeing this!



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