Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nashville, Part 2 - Without Me!!

First, thank you to everyone that has given me well wishes about my mother. She is still in the hospital but they can't find anything wrong to make her sleep for 18 hours a day and to be so groggy when awake. We started getting her up and moving when awake hoping that will improve her energy. I spend mornings and evenings at the hospital so my home and family is really suffering. Sitting at the hospital and working with her is very draining for me so hopefully things will improve soon.

Now to the fun stuff that I missed in Nashville! My girlfriends went to several parties while there last week and Kim was gracious enough to let me share her photos with all of you! Thanks Kim!! Here we have the girls without me again!!

The day before I got there, they saw newcomer, David Nail. I saw him here in St. Louis and have to say he has an awesome voice. His first song that I just loved was called "Red Light". It was out last summer I think and did well.

That evening, they went to see Gary Allan and said it was just an awesome show. Nice picture Kim shot here!

The morning I left, they were on their way to Lady Antebellum. I really like their music and harmonies. The girls had to leave before the M&G picture because Luke Bryan's party would be starting.

Luke Bryan is Kim's favorite man so of course I had to share her meet & greet picture! He does have a nice smile! Almost blinds you!

Since she is providing the pictures and he is her favorite, thought I better share two pictures for her!!

Late that night, around 11pm, Blake Shelton was having his jam party. Blake is extremely funny but he can be rather crude. I really enjoy his humor but many think he is extremely sarcastic.

Of course Miranda was there. I just love her and they make a good match together! Here she is singing with newcomer, Laura Bell Bundy. I don't know her but they tell me she sings a new song called "Giddy on Up".

On Friday was Jake Owens. The girls said his party was a little wild. It is funny how fan club members are different depending on the performer! I think he is very cute!

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed our trip to CMAFest 2010! Hopefully next year it will work out better for me, but I am so glad my friends were able to enjoy themselves!!


  1. What great pictures! Can you believe that I grew up in Nashville, and have never been to all that stuff! As a local, you avoided it because it was so crazy! I would love to go now! Praying for your mom and remember to take care of yourself!

  2. Bonnie, I love your new layout!~ So sorry you missed the concert, but you know first hand there is a reason for everything...just think how much fun you will have next time. Great photos though!~

  3. Wow, this looks amazingly fun, I love country music. I'm sorry you weren't able to attend.

  4. Oh Wow! Jake Owens is a cutie isn't he! He now has a new fan! LOL! These are great and so nice of your friend to share them for you to blog about. I have a friend that used to live here many years ago whom I keep up with on FB. She just recently moved from Maryland to Nashville and has been all over this too! Looks like a alot of fun! I will keep praying for your mother and for you too! Take care!

  5. Wow Bonnie, how fun this must have been to go to!
    Hope you are doing OK and please know I am praying for you and your mom dear friend.

  6. Looks like they had a great time. So sorry you had to miss that. I didn't even know you could go to all those parties.


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