Monday, June 14, 2010

Nashville, Part 1 - Dierks Bentley

Well, while I am waiting for my friends to upload their pictures, I decided to start with what I have which is Dierks Bentley! That Wednesday night, Nashville was just crazy as all the people and stars were in town for the CMT Awards show.

Here are a few shots of stars that were there...this first one is for Kathryn of Tim!! The following pictures are courtesy of CMT Music's website.

Miranda Lambert is another of my favorites! Her and Blake Shelton make a great couple!

I really like Lady Antebellum's music. They are going somewhere fast right now!

And of course, Carrie Underwood is America's Sweetheart!

Back to the main reason for this post and my own pictures!!!!

To give you a little background, when I worked for a large mortgage company, I found that Dierks had never cashed his escrow refund check. It was around the time that his first record came out, he sold his house and went on the road full time. So I am sure the refund never found him! I went to a meet & greet and brought him the paperwork to fill out and receive his money. He was shocked to say the least. When I got back to work, I completed the transaction and mailed it to him with a short note and my business card. After a couple weeks, I came in to work and had a phone message from him thanking me for taking care of it and coming to the concert!! Needless to say I was screaming!! So ever since then he remembers me and most of the time he remembers my name. Not sure how he does it!

I had a great time however, I have really noticed that my aging body doesn't do as well standing for hours anymore. We got to the Lamplight about 9:30 pm and stood in line outside for about an hour. Being the greatest, he let us "fan club" members in first! Here are my girlfriends hanging out in line with me!
A shot of me and Kim...she is my Dierks Road Trip partner. We have a great time meeting up and going to his concerts all over!

Our tickets were only $25 and we got two drink tickets, the new cd, Country Music Weekly magazine, a t-shirt and bottle coozie! He takes care of us! Oops!! Forgot to take a picture of the cd!! Oh well, you can see it in my sidebar on the blog!!

Then we stood in the crowd towards the stage for another hour! Dierks came out with the Del McCoury bluegrass band and played many old and new songs. By now, it feels like it is 100 degrees in there!!

You can tell from these pictures just how warm it was in there!!

After the small concert, we stood in line to have our meet & greet picture and autograph. I think we stood in line about 2 hours more for this. It is always worth it! He calls me his check lady and always wants to know if I have more money for him!! Here is my cheesy picture at 2:15 in the morning!!

So a crazy cab ride back to the hotel and into bed at 3am! I was up and on the road back home by 6am!! My friends were off to Lady A's party around 7am, then Luke Bryan around 2pm and Blake Shelton at 11pm that night! I know they were tired! I will share their pictures next time!!


  1. Oh how fantastic of you Bonnie to do that for Dierk...he is so cute. Love the pictures. Hang in there Bonnie, I know you are so tired and I do hope your Mom recovers soon!!~

  2. Fantastic blog Bonnie! Looks like so much fun! I am sorry you didn't get to hang out for the rest of it but glad you did get time for this. You look like you have a nice group of gal pals too! Hope you mother is doing better!

  3. I hope you had fun in Nashville. WE just moved from there and really miss it. Not the humidity though. I can live without that for the rest of my life.

  4. That is cool how you met him and y'all are friends in a way. He remembers you anyway. He is cute isn't he. I love Lady A and so does my husband.

  5. Looks like so much fun! Isn't it nice to get out and have a good time with friends! I hope you are recovered and that your mom is doing well.
    I am up to more boring things like weeding again :)

  6. Thanks for my Tim pic! He is just yummy!!! I am so glad you got to go be a part of that night to see your boy, Dierks. He is a cutie, but my... a little sweaty!!! :-) It was so sweet of you to do that for him and how special that he remembers you! That is so cool! So glad you got to go. I know you are exhausted, but what fun! Hope your mom is doing better and by the way... you are gorgeous!

  7. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Thank you Kathryn for that boost to my ego. Not feeling very gorgeous but it sure does wonders to make me feel better!!!

  8. Lol, what a great story, check lady! The first time I got to meet Dierks, it was in Monterey, Ca. He did his show and was doing a bit of mingling. He started drinking a Bud Light and then abandoned it after only one sip. That bottle is now sitting in my china cabinet. My family thinks I am nuts! I'm sure his DNA is gone from the bottle 'cuz I also finished his beer :-)


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