Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Candle Lantern Makeover

Here is a quick little project I did last night! This poor pitiful candle lantern was looking pretty rough!

I cleaned, wired brushed and sprayed it with rust proof primer.

Then sprayed with this Krylon yellow but as you see it isn't the same as the lid color!

Dug into the honey's paint cabinet and found some sunburst yellow Rustoleum and gave it another spray.

Ooooooh! Much better! I think is looks wonderful here on the newly stained deck!!! The color pops against the redwood stain!

I also successfully created my own blog button. It probably took me about an hour or so to get the writing on the picture and then the format for people to copy but here it is! You can pick up the code on the right in my side bar!! How exciting!

Okay I have to get back to work. I have been sitting here for a couple hours now!! I am linking up to the following parties:

House of Grace for Bonnie's

Coastal Charm for


  1. That looks awesome! You are right excellent choice with the red stained deck.

  2. Great paint job. Looks good with the freshly stained deck. I am going to repaint ours in the fall. Just too hot now.

  3. It looks great. Yellow is such a happy color. Perfect for summer too.

  4. Love the yellow on the red deck! That is awesome! You go girl! Creating your own button! Aren't you the fancy one!!! :-)

  5. Hey there Bonnie!! I just wanted to say what a great transformation this is! Great job girl! Thank you so much for your super sweet comments on my blog! I appreaicate it! I am going to follow yours as well! It's fabulous!
    Take care ~ Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  6. Hey girl, OK so this little gem turned out adorable! It'll look great in that newly spiffed up yard of the way, can you stop by and help me spread bark dust:)

  7. Congrats on the button! Your lantern looks great too! I have to say I actually like it the first go round with the odd yellow color! Your newly stained deck looks wonderful too!

  8. You are going to laugh but I have the same lantern and the same paint so guess what i just did?????
    Ran outside and put the first coat of paint on the lantern!!!!! LOL!! It will match my plant stand that I shared in my latest post!! Thanks so much for the great idea!!!



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