Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom Update and Posting Again!

An update on my mom. She has now returned to the nursing home and is more awake but still seems like her mind is in slow motion. Her mind seems to be taking so long to process information and being the perfectionist she always was, everything is very time consuming. She refused to change into her night clothes to rest because she was going home and then to the casino and would put her night clothes on when it was time for bed! It was evening by then and she was in Sundowner's mode. The nurse told me that was good because she is somewhat back to normal. However, after taking care of her all week and now her fighting against me, I broke down into tears. I'm not sure if this event has triggered a next phase of her Ahlzheimer's/Dementia. She doesn't remember that she just got out of the hospital so her mind isn't telling her she is weak and she tries to get up like normal. I just know she is going to hurt herself but I will drive myself crazy worrying about it.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I am happy to be home now and posting again. Even if it is just outdoor pictures!! Thought I would show you how much my flowers have grown!! I love these hanging baskets I made with the sweet potato vine!

I always wanted a bell to ring to call the family to supper! I have used it rarely because my boys would rather be in the house playing games than outside playing!! What a change in generations!

I planted these marigold seeds and didn't think they would take off like this!! The clematis vine is just going crazy! My roses just didn't come back this year so we are going to pull them out soon. How sad....

Here I have my pots that are in front of the porch. I am thrilled with how they are doing! On another post, a blogger called them thrillers, fillers and spillers!!! I like that! This weekend we are cleaning and staining the deck and front porch. I will take pictures after it is completed!!

Here is where I need help!! These boxwood shrubs weren't trimmed like they should have been and after 15 years are now overgrown! We are going to pull them out and plant something new but I'm not sure what to replace there.

I thought my blogger friends would have some ideas for me!!

Here we have the wishing well that will be getting some stain this weekend! Love the vine hanging down! The snapdragons aren't doing as well as I hoped there but you can see some of them!

These are some impatiens and begonias that are beginning to spread out!

This is where I like to sit and drink my coffee in the morning when I'm not in front of this computer blogging!!! I made the pillows from double sided napkins and the cushion is just a curtain that I sewed up. I want a real cushion but this works for now!!

I painted and distressed the little table and added a few items I found around the house. I put a yellow bug light in the lamp and at night it makes a nice warm glow! Cute little bird items from Michaels for $1.50 each!!

I also placed a birds nest I found as I think they are amazing creations of nature! If I can keep the birds from making a nest in my hanging plants, I would be much happier!

I am linking to A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday so please check back to the others who have posted!!


  1. So glad to hear your mom is out of the hospital. You have every right to have a crying breakdown. You have a lot on your plate right now and sometimes it just helps to let it all go. You are doing what is best for your mom and that is all you can do. Take care of yourself!

    Your flowers are beautiful! I should plant things, but if I do, they typically die. I planted some impatiens and they seem to be doing o.k. I wouldn't say thriving, but moving along!

    I love your sitting area on your porch. Your pillows are so smart and I have to say that green frog is my favorite! He is cute!

    Thanks for your sweet words on Debbie's blog! I always read your blog. You are one of my buds!

  2. Yay for MOm....I knew she is one tough cookie!!~ Bonnie I loved your feedback and it meant a lot to me to read each and every one of your responses...I am seriously going to take them to heart, because you all do mean something to me out here:) Your gardens are looking full, and those marigolds are fantastic...I have the worst luck with those. Cute porch too!!~

  3. I am saying a prayer for your mom.

  4. Oh I know how you are feeling with your Mom. My mother was a psychologist and specialized in anxiety! She finally retired last year after about 40 plus years and I knew it was going to happen this way. She went into that field after battling anxiety personally after her divorce. Well she has episodes of anxiety often now over small stuff and won't let some things go. She also has some signs of forgetfulness (dare I say dementia) that can complicate things even more. Because she has always been so independent and she can be very stubborn too. Stubborn about that she cannot physically do the things she used to do as well as at times mentally make the right decisions. It is very mild right now but we are seeing the signs. I have cried so often because I want her to be normal. Then I feel guilty about that! It is hard no matter how you slice it! Part of why I blog is help keep me focused on other's my happy place! My simple world to escape in between the rest of my worries. Beautiful images always seem to help me so much! Your flowers are doing fantastic! I love, love,love your clematis. I will have to think on your shrubs by the porch. I know I would (and have) put gardenias there but I don't think you can grown them there, can you? I'll get back to you on that! Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted you to know you are not alone and there are many out here dealing with aging parents. Take care!

  5. Bonnie, I'm new to your blog, but I'm so sorry about your mom. It's hard when a family member is going through problems like that, so I hope and pray that things improve.

    I love your lush yard. Are you sure you want to pull out those bushes? Can they be trimmed back? They look good to me! I like lush yards, and those look full and lush.

    Love your spot where you have your coffee. Very cozy and comfy!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Your outdoor photos are delightful. I would love a spot like that for my morning coffee. I have no planting suggestions, because although I love does not love me. I plant and cross my fingers!

    Glad to hear your mom is doing better,but it is so hard...we went through this with my husbands is simply hard.

    504 Main

  7. Your porch is lovely! I love the decorations, especially the nest. Your clematis is gorgeous! Wonderful photos, have a great day!

  8. Your porch is lovely! I love the decorations, especially the nest. Your clematis is gorgeous! Wonderful photos, have a great day!

  9. Brad Paisley is my favorite country
    star I have met him 3 times!
    Hes from WV which is also my homestate.



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