Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lake Barkley in Kentucky

For those of you that missed me, thank you for your concern! We went camping for Memorial Day weekend, came home one day, then left for our annual vacation at Lake Barkley in Kentucky! What a beautiful view from our cabin!!!

We go every year with our friends and family. Usually we take the camper but this year decided to stay in a cabin with some friends for a shorter period of time. Next year, we are back to the camper. It is more like our home away from home and the bed sleeps so much better!!

I only took a few pictures as I kept forgetting to take the camera out on the pontoon boat! I have to remember now that I am a blogger! Here we have our youngest son, Tyler, skiing on one ski and then....

falling off of one ski! OUCH!! No worries, he was fine!

I forgot the camera when our oldest was skiing and he was too sunburned to ski this day. They went out for an hour on our friends boat and since Mom wasn't there to tell them they had to have sunscreen, well see for yourself...

OUCH!! Now that did hurt! All is fine now and I think that every young person has learned the hard way at least once that they need sunscreen! I know they get tired of Mom nagging them as to why it is needed!!

Here are a couple beautiful sunsets!!

There were many beautiful flowers around the cabin and I while I was on a stroll, I snapped a few pictures! I'm not the best at photography but I thought these turned out pretty good!

It wouldn't be a good day at the lake if we didn't catch a few nice bass!! Here is Tyler with his catch!

Here is my honey, Kenny, with his prize trying to flip out of his hands!!

I had to sign off with my favorite sunset picture!

I know you won't believe this, but now I am off to Nashville for a couple days. I am going to the country music CMAfest that used to be called Fanfair. Some girlfriends and I are going to attend fan club parties by Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan and our favorite, Dierks Bentley!! Also hoping to catch a glimpse of more country music stars as they attend the CMT Award show. I will DEFINITELY have my camera and will update you when I get back!!

Take care and talk to you on Saturday!!


  1. Looks like a great vacation. What a beautiful setting.

  2. Looks like such a wonderful trip! Makes me want to go camping and water-skiing! Have fun in Nashville!

  3. Bonnie, what fantastic photos you got. New camera?? Love those sunset pics and the view, wow. I am so jealous that you are going to go see all those great artists in Nashville. I love Lady Antebellum's songs and all of them you named actually. Get lots of pics.

  4. Bonnie, you are quite the adventurer! LOL! I'll be looking forward to your photos from the CMA fanclub trip. These family vacation photos are great though! Just like my boys...can never remember the sunscreen. The sunsets and flowers are gorgeous! You did an excellent job with the photos on both! Glad to see you had a great trip!

  5. What a beautiful lake Bonnie!~ I had to laugh at the sunburn because my oldest told me he had blocked up good....well by the end of the day, he was crisp....he refuses to wear his swim shirt anymore, as that is just not cool, he said it makes you look insecure???Huh...dude it is to protect you from the sun!~ Needless to say his shoulders where hurting. We have done the knee boarding, but never the ski's yet...soon I am sure. Glad you had fun!

  6. Ouch that poor guy!!
    Looks like it was a great trip. Always nice to get away with family and friends!! : )

  7. What beautiful pictures. Have fun in Nashville!

  8. Your vacation looks so lovely and relaxing.


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