Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foreclosure Remodel and Gordman's Clearance Sale

I have been taking a break from my house after the outside work and have been working on my nieces foreclosure home she just bought for $35,000! My husband's family can do about anything and are all helping her to get it to a decent livable space.

We have taken off all the cabinet doors, pulled off the laminate, used lacquer thinner to remove the glue and then sanded down to the wood. She and her mom did most of the priming inside and out. We then did one coat of high gloss white on the inside to make them clean and glossy surface. I think they may need a second coat. I am hoping that we can get some wallpaper off the walls today and put the finish coat on the back of the doors and frame. We'll see. Here are a few before pictures. Yuck!

Here is a look at the cabinet doors. See the wood laminate on them?

Next shows the cabinet frames after we took off the laminate but before we stipped the glue and sanded.

Another shot where you can see the hole they made so they could put that light above the sink and then hung a clock over the hole. We have been trying to get the border off the wall. I think they used super glue!!

This is one of the three bedrooms. They glued the pad to the hard wood floor in this room for some reason so after scraping it will have to have carpet back again.

This room has paneling over the drywall and then it was painted. Eventually she is going to have it pulled down to the drywall and fixed but we will paint for now. Most of the hardwood is salvageable. They won't be perfect but will still look nice enough.

The bathroom was the worst. It is now totally down to the studs. They had boarded up over the window without taking it out! They also used linoleum to patch holes in the ceiling and walls. I just don't understand! In case you can't see, the faucet is on one side of the tub and the drain on the other!
This paneling is just a print on the panel. There aren't any grooves. Rather strange. This room just needs paint and the floors/windows cleaned.

The livingroom after all the wet dog smelled carpet was removed. A lot of patching on the walls and paint for sure. Hoping that some sanding and a little stain on the floors will work until she can afford to pay someone to fix the floors right.

The front door is the size of a bedroom door. The house is about 50 years old.

Well, that was the grand tour. I will post some after pictures in about a month!! On to other subjects!

Since our 15 year old $3800 Rainsoft water system died and it would cost $1200-$2000 to fix, we bought a 2 year old used system for $650 off CL. I emphasize the prices because I feel if I pay that much for something, I expect it to last for 30 years or at least not cost half as much to fix!!! Sorry, just ranting as I would rather have put that money towards new carpet!!

Anyway, since we were that far into the "city", my honey wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop of course. Luckily, Gordman's is across the parking lot so I had him drop me off! Well their clearance items were 33% off the lowest price.

I found a lamp for the kitchen that cost $5.36 and a lantern that cost $7.37! I thought they were pretty good deals! Close to thrift store prices but NEW!!

Well, that is enough for today!! We are also getting ready to go camping for the 4th so I will be a busy girl today!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. It appears that you are blessing someone with a few interior deisgn gifts. Well done! Can't wait to see the finished project.

    Yes, I am an early riser. That is the only time I have to blog. When the house is quiet.

  2. that is a lot of work that needs to be done on that are fantastic to all pitch in like that. 35,000 is crazy, hope she cuts you all in on the resale down the road!

    love that lantern, too, great find.

    i know who gallagher is, i've seen him on tv. didn't he have a twin brother or something? i have to admit i don't really "get" what his show is about, but i imagine seeing him live is definitely different. were you in one of those first rows? what a great story!

  3. first-that girl is BRAVE to move into that house! i bet they have lead paint in there! i hope you update us with new photos as this goes on.
    second-you totally scored! i dont know what gormans is but i want one!

  4. 35,000!!! Mercy, that is unheard of here! For a car, but not a house! What a wonderful thing to be able to be a homeowner, and have such help from family and friends!!!

  5. Bonnie, so neat that you get to be a part of your nieces renovation. I am sure it will be very rewarding for you later! I can't wait to see the after. That was still an amazing deal on that house! Speaking of deals, I love the deals you got on that cute lamp and lantern! They will look fantastic in your home!

  6. I can't wait to see the progress of the house you're flipping! How exciting!

    Great finds from Gordmans! I love that store :)

  7. Can't wait to see the after shots!! Lots of hard work, but it will pay off in the end!

  8. What an undertaking for a first house. I see the great bones though and it will be a fantastic starter home when you all have finished.

    I love when families come together to help out with DIY'ing!

  9. You are so nice to help do all that hard work. Maybe down the road they can put a bigger window in over the kitchen sink, too. Good prices on your finds and have a great weekend. We are going out of town, too.

  10. WOW Bonnie what an undertaking that house is. I really can't wait to see the after. Sorry about the water system...yes I would be a tad bitter, and have wanted something fun too, like carpets...oh well, you need good water too. Great buys at the end of the day. Thanks for your input on the party...I already have a cute button (hint) and it will be on Wednesdays I have I wonder if it should be biweekly...that is what I am thinking, what do you think?


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