Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Foreclosure Remodel and Gordman's Clearance Sale

I have been taking a break from my house after the outside work and have been working on my nieces foreclosure home she just bought for $35,000! My husband's family can do about anything and are all helping her to get it to a decent livable space.

We have taken off all the cabinet doors, pulled off the laminate, used lacquer thinner to remove the glue and then sanded down to the wood. She and her mom did most of the priming inside and out. We then did one coat of high gloss white on the inside to make them clean and glossy surface. I think they may need a second coat. I am hoping that we can get some wallpaper off the walls today and put the finish coat on the back of the doors and frame. We'll see. Here are a few before pictures. Yuck!

Here is a look at the cabinet doors. See the wood laminate on them?

Next shows the cabinet frames after we took off the laminate but before we stipped the glue and sanded.

Another shot where you can see the hole they made so they could put that light above the sink and then hung a clock over the hole. We have been trying to get the border off the wall. I think they used super glue!!

This is one of the three bedrooms. They glued the pad to the hard wood floor in this room for some reason so after scraping it will have to have carpet back again.

This room has paneling over the drywall and then it was painted. Eventually she is going to have it pulled down to the drywall and fixed but we will paint for now. Most of the hardwood is salvageable. They won't be perfect but will still look nice enough.

The bathroom was the worst. It is now totally down to the studs. They had boarded up over the window without taking it out! They also used linoleum to patch holes in the ceiling and walls. I just don't understand! In case you can't see, the faucet is on one side of the tub and the drain on the other!
This paneling is just a print on the panel. There aren't any grooves. Rather strange. This room just needs paint and the floors/windows cleaned.

The livingroom after all the wet dog smelled carpet was removed. A lot of patching on the walls and paint for sure. Hoping that some sanding and a little stain on the floors will work until she can afford to pay someone to fix the floors right.

The front door is the size of a bedroom door. The house is about 50 years old.

Well, that was the grand tour. I will post some after pictures in about a month!! On to other subjects!

Since our 15 year old $3800 Rainsoft water system died and it would cost $1200-$2000 to fix, we bought a 2 year old used system for $650 off CL. I emphasize the prices because I feel if I pay that much for something, I expect it to last for 30 years or at least not cost half as much to fix!!! Sorry, just ranting as I would rather have put that money towards new carpet!!

Anyway, since we were that far into the "city", my honey wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop of course. Luckily, Gordman's is across the parking lot so I had him drop me off! Well their clearance items were 33% off the lowest price.

I found a lamp for the kitchen that cost $5.36 and a lantern that cost $7.37! I thought they were pretty good deals! Close to thrift store prices but NEW!!

Well, that is enough for today!! We are also getting ready to go camping for the 4th so I will be a busy girl today!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back Deck Reveal!

Well, I showed you all the work we did on the front porch and now I will show you the back deck. We moved our patio set to the driveway and I got started staining the deck in the redwood. I really like the color pop in the back of the house.

It took me about three 8 hour days to complete by myself. My boys were sick and my honey was working. I power washed it and stained it. Two coats on the floor.

I showed you how bad our patio set looked. A lot of rust cancer.

Then I attacked the old patio set. My honey showed me how to use this evil looking power tool...

It was connected to this contraption of an air compressor.

It spinned really fast and I had to wear protective eye wear. I should have wore jeans as the rust chips were flying off and hitting my legs! However, you can see how well it worked here on the arm of the chair!

There are six chairs and a table. I wore the metal off the tool by the time I was done. Then I wiped them all down and sprayed them with the rust primer.

After priming, I let them dry for an hour and then sprayed them with this olive green. Two cans of primer and seven cans of paint later...

I think it matches the cushions that came with the set really well!

A view of the deck from the woods! Not that anyone sees it but us! Now you can see a better shot of color from the yellow lantern!! I also see one strip of railing that I missed when painting!! UGH! I thought I was done!! Funny what you see in pictures that you miss with the eye!

Doesn't the set look nice now sitting here on the deck? I like the color so much better and not having to deal with the rust is even better! Now I just need to find a deal on some planters to add some flowers to the deck!

I hope you enjoyed day two of the outside reveal!! I still have the mulch job to show you but my honey wants to frame it with rocks to hold the mulch inside. Not sure when that is going to get done!

Thanks for stopping by and come back again to have some sweet tea!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Outside Reveal!

I guess all our hard work has paid off. Except for power washing the house, painting the front door, cutting the ivy off the wall and seal coating the driveway....the outside is almost done!!! Not sure all that will get done this year, but you never know!

The front porch is now stained. As I said in a previous post, the wood floor is very scratched so we will have to sand it down next year before staining again. However, to take your eye away from that, I pulled out this area rug that used to be in my dining room years ago!

I think it looks nice! I stained the glider using the redwood stain and of course had to change the pillows from what I had because the rug is blue!! I found these two pillows on clearance at Walmart for $5 each. Not too bad considering they have all the colors I needed! Oops! I see the tag still on them!!

While sitting on the glider, this is what I see across the porch. Maybe next year I can find a wicker chair and table. There really isn't much room there to put anything.

My flowering plants are just looking great! That sweet potato vine really makes them look overflowing.

Here you can see some of the red mulch we put down. I was so excited about this mulch. It is made from old pallets and then dyed a color. They had 4 different colors but we thought the redwood would stand out from the siding and match our shutters.

Tomorrow I will reveal the back deck. I know you are sitting on pins and needles just waiting!!

Have a great day everyone! I am off to help my niece refinish her kitchen cabinets in an old foreclosure house she bought for $35,000. I feel some more blog posting coming up!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Surprise for Me!

One Sunday, the honey and I took a break after church and my being at the hospital with my mom. We stopped at a flea market, which we found NOTHING! Then we stopped at the local "junk" store. I don't know if people just drive up and drop stuff off or what. There is always something outside whether it is raining, sleeting or snowing! On the inside you can actually buy some groceries and rent videos if you can find anything behind the "junk" treasures! I would NEVER buy any food there. YUCK!

Well, I found an old, rusty kitchen scale sitting in the back. No price, like everything in this place. I wanted it but figured it was too rusty and he probably wanted too much for it. I put it back....I know, why did I put it back????? We left after my honey found a machetti! Not really sure what he needs a $4 machetti in the yard but hey, to each his own!

Well, I couldn't stop thinking about that scale. The next day I asked the hubby to stop by after work and find out how much they wanted for it. Well, he didn't have enough time to stop. I let it go and figured I find another one sometime.

Last night, my honey asked me to pick up the mail off his front seat because his hands were full. Look what was sitting there waiting for me!!!! I was smiling all the way back into the house. Told him it was the nicest thing he has ever done for me. (Now that is sad and definitely not true!!) I was thrilled! What a guy! I just love him!!

Isn't she a beauty???? He said he tried to get him down to $3 from $5!! Can you believe that??? I was embarrassed to think about it! I was thrilled with $5!

After some sanding, rust proofing and painting, she will look old but new again!! Supposedly Polly Prim by Simmons Hardware Company is a collector item. Beats me, I just like her for being her!! My youngest son said that we paid $5 too much for that piece of rusty these days!

House of Grace for Bonnie's

I am linking to Debbiedoos Loves Livin in the Carolinas for her garage salen party!!

I am also linking to Holly's 504 Main for her Tickled Pink party because I am tickled pink that the honey bought this for me!!!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Candle Lantern Makeover

Here is a quick little project I did last night! This poor pitiful candle lantern was looking pretty rough!

I cleaned, wired brushed and sprayed it with rust proof primer.

Then sprayed with this Krylon yellow but as you see it isn't the same as the lid color!

Dug into the honey's paint cabinet and found some sunburst yellow Rustoleum and gave it another spray.

Ooooooh! Much better! I think is looks wonderful here on the newly stained deck!!! The color pops against the redwood stain!

I also successfully created my own blog button. It probably took me about an hour or so to get the writing on the picture and then the format for people to copy but here it is! You can pick up the code on the right in my side bar!! How exciting!

Okay I have to get back to work. I have been sitting here for a couple hours now!! I am linking up to the following parties:

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outside Work Around the House!

I have been working so hard this week on the front porch and back deck. I power washed them both on Saturday AFTER we got 1 1/2 yards of red mulch!! 12 hours about killed me! Still need another yard of mulch and that should do it for this year! Here is a sneak peak before it is done!

I stained the front porch and the wood is in pretty bad shape. Next year we are going to have to sand the floor to get it looking good again but it will work fine for this year. Still waiting for it to dry! It is so humid that it takes forever to dry. Red cedar is a soft wood and we now put a gate up to keep our dog from scratching it so much. See all the marks?

Now I am staining the back deck a redwood and I just LOVE it. It matches the red mulch and gives some color to the back of the house! Here is one of the 7 sections of railing!! Too many small spaces to stain!

My next project will be to wire brush, prime and paint this patio set. It is looking rough!

So now you see what I have been doing all week!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dining Room Tour - In Progress

I thought it was time to reveal another room in my home. This one has been a work in progress for so long. I am struggling with things that just aren't right to me! Obviously, since I'm not an experienced designer, it takes more for me to get it "right"! With no money, I am so limited to what I can do but here it goes!!

It all started with a little rug I found on ebay that had roosters on it! I ended up paying $160 for it with shipping which is more than I would normally pay for most things but a rooster rug at that price and 8x10 size is hard to find!! I LOVE it!

My formal dining room is to the right of my foyer when you come in the front door. I purchased this dining table and chairs for $50 on CL. It was the creamy yellow flecked finish with green velvet seats! I took the seats apart and spray painted the chairs black as well as the base of the table. Sorry, no before picture! Long before I started blogging!

I thought I could refinish the table top but once I started sanding I realized that even though it is wood, it is cheap wood with a wood look finish to it. So after trying some stain on it, I realize that I need to light sand it again and just use some poly on it. Either that or I am going to have to paint it. The picture doesn't show the streaks on it.

I found this fabric on sale at JoAnn's and recovered the seats. Since it is outdoor fabric, it has been great for any spills that happen with kids!

Love roosters!!! He sits proudly in the middle of the table!! At least he doesn't crow at all hours like the neighbor's real ones!

To the right we have my cabinet that I refinished and just LOVE with the GoodWill lamp I bought!!! To see the cabinet makeover, click HERE. The prints above were made by my mom when she was 7 years old for her parents. So that would make them about 75 years old now!

If you have seen these curtains somewhere, it would be over at Savvy Southern Style because Kim has them in her dining room. I just loved the fabric as it had the colors I wanted plus the french country feel I was going for in here! I found the fabric for $4 a yard and bought all they had to make the panels. Wish they were higher and I may get clips so I can raise them further.

Here we have the thorn in my side!! My hubby bought this china cabinet for me for $20 as it had some water damaged. It started out the Early American dark brown. So I painted it off white when I had the room yellow and I added the chicken wire. Well, my honey added the wire!! Once I painted the room dark, it looked terrible!!
So I did this faux treatment on it which looks good with the table top but it still isn't the look I wanted. So I think I am going to paint it black with the red distressing underneath. In time....

However, Kim encouraged me to do the toile wallpaper inside which I just love and that will stay!

The Currier & Ives dishes were from my grandma. She called them the poor man's china as they got them in pieces at the grocery store!! I love them as they remind me of her and they tell a story! The platter in the middle was my mom's as it was made the year she was born, 1927!

Bought these prints on clearance at Hancock Fabrics for $15 TOTAL and put them on each side of the china cabinet with a chair underneath!! I also made the pillows from a panel I purchased on ebay for $4!! I do like my roosters!!

The walls have a textured paintable wallpaper on the bottom half with a tan color and the top is close to a barn red. I almost think the bottom needs to be a little darker. Just not sure but it isn't sitting right with me...

On the other side of the room is the mirror I bought from Hobby Lobby for $20 with a few plates accenting it. You can see into our foyer and for that tour, click HERE.

This gives you a view into my poor kitchen. Sad, sad, little room! Once I finish the family room, the kitchen is next for an overhaul. It used to have fruit and floral wallpaper with dark mauve counter tops that I just loved no matter how 1980's it looked!! However, when we thought about selling, we had to tone it down some. Then the market fell and it didn't sell so I am stuck with the most boring kitchen ever!!! In time...

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit. I love any comments or ideas you might have to help improve my space as long as it doesn't cost much money!!!!

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