Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrifty Nifty Finds at Goodwill and Camper Update!

Well, I have accomplished alot but can't give you the BIG reveal yet! I will be hanging curtains tomorrow, cleaning up the whole thing and putting everything away! However, here is a sneak peek at the bathroom vanity that I finished tonight.

I found this blue oops paint at Lowes for $2.50 and it was the perfect color to go under the crackle finish. What a deal!! Look at that lovely carpet...Yuck!!
Then I applied the crackle and the top coat. I was looking for a rustic cabin look to go with the "theme" of the camper. I think it works! Just need a little gel stain and polyurethane on it now. I think the counter tops really came out nice now that they are done.

On now to my thrifty treasures I found at Goodwill! I got the wicker basket above for $2 and I am using it for a trash can.

I found this stand and three containers for $4. I think I am going to paint them and use them for herb planters in my kitchen!

Not exactly sure what this is but I was thinking of using it as a stand for my fruit bowl. It was a $1

There was something about this lamp that was calling my name. I have no clue why or how I am going to make it look better. I just had to have it for the cabinet that I just completed in the dining room. I know, it is different!!

It reminds me of a Genie lamp! Maybe it will bring me three wishes!!!

Doesn't it look good here on the cabinet in the dining room??? I like it, alot!! Any ideas on how I can "enhance" her good looks??? You are all probably thinking I am nuts!!

My mother in law was going to give this to Salvation Army so I grabbed it! I just threw some lemons and limes in it to see how it will look! FREE!!!

These were some Wal-Mart and Lowes clearance bargains!

Napkins, 2 per pack that I am going to sew together to make pillows for the camper. Two pillows for a total of $4!!!! Also a half circle flower foam that some little kid must have smashed hundreds of finger dips into it!! I figured for .75 it would work in the thrift item I got a while back...

See, perfect fit!! See all the finger dimples!! I want to make one of those boxwood ball topiary like thingy!!! Okay, quit laughing!

I painted this vase thing as it used to look like this!! Kind of a dirty gold color. I think it turned out pretty good!

This is how I think the good Lord works. I wanted a new cup and soap dispenser for the camper in a cabin theme but I refused to pay $15 + shipping for each one. So I decided to just keep waiting and shopping around. Well, look what I found at Lowes on the clearance rack....for $2.50!! No soap dispenser but I found it in an online store and a coupon for free shipping for $16.95 so in total I only spent $19.45 instead of $30+! Sorry, I get excited about those bargains and when I feel the Lord is blessing me for waiting.

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  1. Wow!! You scored this week.I love that lamp and if you think you don't want it, I have first dibbs :) It's awesomely unique. I have a similar cloche from MIL that has a special watch in it. I painted the base and it turned out awesome. I'll email you the link.

  2. I love your finds...that vanity is outstanding.....the little light...everything, you really scored there my friend. Thanks so much for linking up.

  3. I'm loving your camper transformation...

  4. Awesome!!!! You are so darn creative! I LOVE that lamp. I don't think you need to do anything to it. I would have snapped it up too! Great job!

  5. Oh, you found some awesome treasures!

  6. Hey Bonnie, thank you so much for stopping my my nlog. I've been thinking about you and wpondering how the camp trailer is coming along. Can't wait to see the reveal!
    Hugs girlfriend,

  7. I guess you did'nt get my post on your last camper update, I told you how wonderful everything looks. I also suggested using a small roller on the cabinet knob plates to paint them. I love the cabin theme and your latest cabin accessories. I know you are having so much fun with this makeover. It is looking great!

  8. That vanity is looking good and I can't wait to see the rest of the camper! Great finds! I get excited about bargains too. Especially when it's something I've really been looking for.


  9. Bonnie, I simply love the "genie" lamp. It looks great as is, but there's always ORB- Oil rubbed bronze paint by Krylon is a much used paint in this household! :-) Sue

  10. Great finds especially the lamp! I would have bought it too!

  11. Very very nice finds! Love it all!! We both called our entried "thrifty finds". ...great minds and all that...


  12. The vanity turned out great! I've always wanted to try a crackle finish. You scored with the free cloche (love the fruit in it). Your genie lamp is too cute - I wouldn't change a thing about loos so good with your other accessories. Great job.

  13. That little lamp is so cute!! Great deals!

    Thanks for your comments and visit today! :o)

  14. You scored some great things! I love that lamp. It looks great just they way it is- where it is.

  15. Thanks for coming to my PARTY...luv that "COOL" lamp and that urn...well it's just my style!


  16. Wow! Great finds! Love the genie lamp!

  17. Bonnie you found some wonderful deals. The lamp is gorgeous! WOW!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  18. Hi Bonnie, I have been a bad blogger lately. Getting back to it though. Almost through painting. I love that lamp you found. So unique. Great on the table in the dining room. Hope you have fun camping this weekend.

  19. The vanity in the camper looks awesome!! Love the finish and can't wait to see the final reveal. I hope to purchase an old used camper and re-do it next summer; thanks for the inspiration! By the way love the lamp....I don't think you should change it looks great how it is and where you have in placed in your home!


I know how busy you are and appreciate that you are taking the time to leave me a comment! God Bless! Bonnie


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