Thursday, May 6, 2010

Step Right Up... Come on In... if You Would Like to Take the Grand Tour!

Welcome to our Home! For the last year, I have been slowly decorating and painting using warm colors that I love. I can't really say I have one definite style but would say I lean towards an old world, french country type of style. Everything you see in my home is bought on clearance, used and repurposed or made by me. I hope you enjoy this first room!

This is the entry into our home. After looking at so many homes on RMS, I decided to take the plunge and paint our front door black. I thought my honey was going to pass out but as usual, he just let me go on about my business. He said the whole time he was thinking how dark and bad it was going to look but admitted that he was WRONG!!!!

As you step in, I tried to make the small foyer somewhat welcoming! It isn't a large area so I was limited with furniture. My honey loves oak and I painstakingly stained and polyurethaned every railing, spindle, window and piece of trim in this house!!! Together we built the stair railing and it was quite a job!

To the left of the front door is a mirror that was a wedding present to my grandparents about 90 years ago! The mirror has begun losing some of it's silver backing but I feel that is what gives it character! The small table is an old hat box table so I was told. I had to strip and sand it to get some stone finish off that a crazy person decided to put on it! Glad I only paid $5 for the pitiful thing!! I just painted it brown. I see now that my mirror is definitely too high! Guess I will have to work on that! Funny how things look sooooo different when you are looking at your home through a lens!

PLEASE try to ignore the hunter green carpet!!!! I picked this out 15 years ago when it was in style! Unfortunately, we purchased really good carpet that still looks good but is out of style AND we have no money to replace it!!!

I have many pictures of our family hung here on the stair wall. I really love pictures as it tells a story of our ancestors and our children. A lot of really old pictures in collages I made as well as more current. I took all the mis-matched frames, painted them satin black with the wonderful Krylon paint, bought ivory mats and to me it made the pictures stand out with a grander feeling!!

This Kensington Station Train clock is my FAVORITE thing I have bought on ebay!! I have seen them now at Hobby Lobby but I just love mine!! I get more compliments on that clock as you walk in the front door.

When you look down from the loft, you see this tapestry hanging that I made. I wanted to purchase one but to be this large (4' x 5') , I just couldn't afford it! So I found the tapestry fabric panel on ebay for $14, bought black material and sewed it together leaving an opening at each end to slide a curtain rod through. I just LOVE the way it looks hanging here!

Here is a straight on picture from the loft. I painted the two story foyer by MYSELF and must say, I am somewhat scared of heights. I just didn't look down from the extension ladder!! I see I need to get out on the roof and clean that window as well!!

I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of my grand tour. I am hoping to reveal the dining room next week!!

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  1. Luv your collection of family pics...what a great way to say WELCOME! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  2. Bonnie, very nice warm and welcoming entry. You went up that high to paint. You go girl. I get my husband to go up to our high parts and I do the rest.

  3. Bonnie you did a great job on your home! I would not have even noticed the carpet if you had not said anything! I am also very impressed with your blogging you know how long it took me to get to link up to parties? A while is for sure! Have a great Mothers day weekend!

  4. Thanks for the tour! You have a lovely home. I love that train clock! That small table is so cute - what a great deal!


  5. Hey Bonnie,
    Great entryway. I love the architecture especially! Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Bonnie your foyer is gorgeous! ~Wow! I just adore the beautuful tapestry. Great job on making such a beautiful piece. Everything looks so pretty and welcoming. LOVE the warm paint color too! I could have never climbed up there. You go girl! *Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  7. You know this is just awonderful site and I'd say for a first time blogger you are doing great!
    Thank you so much for sharing and opening your home to all of out here in bloggy land,
    Terry at: La Bella Vie

  8. Hello and welcome! I love your front door it is darling! I have a train clock that is very similar. Please stop by and visit if you have a moment. Hugs,

  9. I like all this...I like how you've added the warm rich colors all over with the contrasting carpet color. It's beautiful.


    Do come see who it is, won't you? Happy Friday.

  10. Black entry doors are perfect! They make a statement, add elegance and romance to a home. You go girl! Have a great weekend!

  11. I'd love to hear more about staining the stair rail. I'd love to restain mine a darker color, but fear of dripping stain on the carpet steps has been stopping me.

  12. Karen I sent you an email about my staining adventure! It is so easy and you can do it!!!

    Thank you to everyone for the nice comments about our home. It just means so much to me!

  13. It was very nice to make a tour through your home ! It looks very cosy !

  14. Beautiful Foyer! Great choices! The oak woodwork looks great with the carpet--who cares if it is a dated color! Depending on your style/taste--you can rip it up and paint the sub floor or if your house is on a slab--stain the concrete (at least for the first floor!) Pine shelf boards make a nice looking floor for cheap! They look aged in no-time flat!

  15. Your home is lovely. I really like the black door, it looks great. All the wood is so warm looking, your beautiful mirror looks wonderful over the hat cabinet. It doesn't look too high to me. The next time you put in carpet, are you going to go with a neutral? Thanks for the tour, syl! Hugs, Cindy S

  16. I am seriously lusting after that clock and I have the perfect place for it in my home!! :) I've been looking for the same style clock to add to my entry.

    We must share the same taste in home stuff. I've been talking about painting our front door black. I've been going back and forth between red and black since we need to have our house painted this summer, so it's going to get a nice new coat of paint and this month, I've been obsessing over black.

    Thanks for joining me at Always Nesting. I have Woo Hoo! Wednesday, started Tuesday night so keep that in mind about anything in your life that you want to Woo Hoo! about. See you soon!

  17. Everything looks great! i love that clock! :)

  18. I love your black front door. I've been thinking about painting mine. That clock is awesome too. What a great find. Everything looks lovely.

  19. Hi~ I enjoyed your foyer tour -thanks! I too really like your clock, and am thrilled at how you came up with your tapestry! :)

  20. Thank you for sharing pic's of your home! Your foyer is warm and inviting.... I agree with you about the clock; i is my favorite too! Also, thanks for following my blog!!!

  21. I think I love the train station clock best of all as well! I totally want to get one of these for somewhere in my house as well!

  22. Love the family pictures on your stairwell and the clock is a definite conversation piece!

    Be Blessed!


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