Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Animal Lover Neighbors!!

Our neighbors have a farm of animals that I think are just pets!! I thought I would take you over there for some up close and personal experiences with those animals!!

I know there are at least 50 of these goats!! Sometimes they are standing on top of that hay bale!! Look at that rooster's hairdoo!!!

I think these are called guinies. They look like rocks in the distance but when they move they are really fast! They also have some tame turkeys somewhere!

If there are 50 goats, then I know there are 100 chickens and many NOISY roosters!!

Here are the two donkeys that are never more than 5 feet away from each other! Noisy isn't the word to describe these two cuties! They can make a noise that sounds like they are being tortured to death!!!

I love these Alpacas until you get close to them!! They have ugly teeth!!

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool???? Just dirty wool from rolling in the grass!

Lot's of ducks and geese on their spring fed concrete pond!

They have some horses, cows and steer but this one I don't understand. Why would you want a yak?
I hope you enjoyed your trip to our neighborhood zoo!! Luckily for us, we can't hear them much but the other neighbors hear more than they may want!!! Roosters crow at all hours, not just when the sun rises!!!

Have a great holiday weekend!!


  1. What a trip that entertaining to watch these guys! They look happy!~

  2. That is pretty neat! A yak???? I wouldn't even know where to find a yak! Well, now I do! Roosters are absolutely annoying. I am glad you don't hear them as much! Very cool tour!

  3. Wow, it's a regular zoo over there. The water sure is pretty.

  4. That's quite an assortment there for one farm, they must be eclectic farmers! LOL! Still, seems pretty cool to have neighbors like that and such beautiful country! Enjoyed it!


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