Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making the TV Stylish...Armoire Makeover

I have been working on redecorating my family room for a long while now. I have been saving up money to purchase used furniture and trying to repurporse them. As you can tell from my foyer post here, the family room also has the two story cathedral ceiling and I had to paint the walls. So, once I finish the room, I will give you the big reveal! However, that may be awhile so for now I am showing you things I have done to put this room together!!

I purchased this armoire on Craigslist for $125 about 2 years ago. I had just started looking at Craigslist and now that I am a more "seasoned" buyer, realize that I paid too much but you live and learn!!

I really wanted the finish to look more like this picture I saw over at Frugal with a Flourish. I had saved a different picture almost 2 years ago in a Word document but couldn't figure out how to get it on here!! This is the closest I could find to it. Anyway, I wasn't sure how to get this look but here is what I did!

I did a rough sand just to get some of the waxed finish off. I then mixed some paint I already had together. A dark brown with a little raw umber color along with some water. Mixed it up and did a test on the very top, where no one could see!! It wasn't the right shade so down to the basement I went and found some black paint from the front door!! I added some until I got the color I wanted. I then brushed it on and let it dry. Because it is more of a paint wash, you can get the color but the wood grain is still showing through.

Once it dried overnight, I gave it one coat of the satin rub on polyurethane. It gives it the oil rubbed look to me. I really liked it but then had to do something with the inserts of the open doors.

Because I have three "men" in this house and the TV sits in the armoire, the doors are open more than they are ever closed! I wanted to make them stand out. I found some textured paintable wallpaper that I had used at my in-laws house. I cut a piece to fit in the opening and applied it to the doors. After it dried 24 hours, I painted it the raw umber color from above.

I let that dry for 24 hours. I wanted it to look a little like copper so I then painted with some Renaissance Brown metallic glaze that I learned about from Kim over at Savvy Southern Style! I think it really looks good and gives added texture to the room!

And now here is the finished look with my accessories back on top. I just love how it turned out and hope this inspires you to take a chance and do something that you have no idea how it will turn out!

I am now off to my next project!!

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  1. Bonnie, you did an excellent job on that. I love the idea of adding the textured paper to the doors and the glaze was perfect.

  2. Bonnie, I appreciate the offer. Rene at cottage and vine said she will do it.

  3. Bonnie that is great!~ It is a nice wood piece...and you are right we live and learn, but you certainly did not get ripped off. And now it looks like a million bucks! Just so you know, when you click on your pic, you can't get to your blog, you have to add it that it will take people there...or else they won't find you if you are not on their blog roll....

  4. Oh sweetie it is beautiful and that is really not that much for a nice me, unless you happen to just get really lucky. Anyway, I love it that you can now close the doors to the tv and it will give your area a whole new feel. Great job on the finish!

  5. Looks great! That's a pretty big project to tackle. I'm impressed!

  6. Looking GOOD...great makeover! I had a entertainment piece just like yours in a beach condo that I owned...sold it with the condo about 4 years ago. Hope you have a FUN day:)


  7. Excellent makeover. The wallpaper looks almost like leather. Our former neighbor, an interior decorator, once did something similar with a grass cloth wallpaper. It really is a nice way to add texture to your piece.

  8. Just gorgeous! Especially love the paint finish on the wallpaper inside the doors. I use paintable wallpaper alot, it is very versatile and gives a great pop of texture to a room. Great job on this armoire!

  9. It looks great! The glaze was a good idea!


  10. great job. I love what you are doing on a budget. I call my style of decorating blessed by God decorating. Auctions, garage sales and just on the street finds. It was fun reading your blog

  11. Great job on Armoir. I love what your are doing on a budget. I call my style of decorating Bless by God decorating because everything has been given by Him at either a garage sale or auction or on the byways and streets.

  12. That looks fantastic! I really want to refinish my coffee table and that might be the perfect color!!! So glad I found something that inspired you! :)

  13. Oh Bonnie,
    This is so wonderful! You have a great talent for this sort of thing...when you're in Portland next time maybe we should go shopping:)
    Lovin you blog and posts' by the way!
    Talk to you soon,

  14. I love that you let the wood grain still show. It looks a lot richer now!

  15. Great results!! Thanks for specifying so many details. We have a pine armoire too, which is in the garage right now because it became obsolete when we bought our new tv. If it goes through a re-do, maybe we would bring it back into the house....

  16. I like that! Love the copper accent - you did a very good job in describing!
    from Metamorphosis Monday,


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