Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grand Tour continued...Making Room for Dad (in the powder room)!

I don't know about you but I love old pictures of my family! With being the youngest of the family of older parents, my dad passed away when I was 21 so I am very sentimental of things that belonged to him.

I recently remodeled our very SMALL powder room. I had the olive green paint leftover from our laundry room remodel and decided there was enough to finish this little room, too.

It seems that because everything is lower in a bathroom, I wanted to hang things lower but then that leaves my eye level (I am 5'11"!) a little sparse.

The bottom picture is a knot growing out from the tree that resembles Jesus holding a lamb. This tree is in the cemetery where my family lays at rest in Quincy, IL. It is awesome to see in person.

This is what I call the "gangster" picture of my dad on the side wall. He was sitting on a wall overlooking the Mississippi River where he grew up in Quincy, IL.

The oval picture is an antique picture of my dad when he was 4 and feeding the chickens! My grandma had this picture hanging in her home from 1924 until she passed away.

The head vase was flowers that my dad brought me when I was in the hospital as a child. The shelf is the crackle finish I just did from HERE.

I whipped out the Krylon fusion paint cans and sprayed the bathroom fixtures with the brown metallic to get rid of the ugly brass! Amazing paint!! The etagere looks so much better now that it is painted! Just a few accessories...

While at Hobby Lobby, I bought this rooster container to keep my extra toilet paper and hand towels out of site. Also found this little lamp on sale. Never buy anything from HL unless it is 50% off!

The sign above the pedestal sink says it all..."Young at heart, but slightly older in other places"! Exactly how I feel some days!!

Here is a picture of the new amber glass globes for the light fixture after I painted it a bronze color.

I sewed some tassel trim to a nice washcloth to make a tank cover and placed some "dad" accessories. His old shaving cup and brush as well as a picture of him at my grandma's house at Christmas.

This mirror was an old Home Interiors mirror that I took apart and painted with the Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze but decided it looked too black and transformed it with some crackle, tan paint and gel stain. Amazing transformation you can see HERE!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of one tiny bathroom!! It makes me smile when I go in there. My brother-in-laws don't like the "beheaded lady" looking at them while they are using the bathroom!!! After they leave, I always have to go in there and fix her. They turn her around just to be ornery!!! Men....

The total cost for all purchases was under $50 including paint. Thrifty!!!

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  1. Hi Bonnie! I have always adored you old photos in the bathroom, I thought that was so neat...and now with all you new touches you made the powder room all that more special. I have my party up and going a little early, I had to test out the Mr. Linky, and it worked YAY!~

  2. Looks awesome. You have a lot of great treasures. My downstairs powder is also an olive green and I love it. I thought the darker color might be too much but not at all. I too have a pedestal sink and never thought to display directly under it and I love that look. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Bonnie, your dad looks like such a handsome man. I love the "gangster" picture of him. And the one of him feeding the chickens is a delight. Your bathroom looks so pretty. You thought of every detail and did it on a budget - can't get any better than that. I am still laughing about the men turning the "head" lady around when they go in the bathroom. Thank you so much for linking this great post to Favorite Things. laurie

  4. There's that bathroom with the tribute to your dad. That is so sweet that you have those things of his to honor him and enjoy.

  5. Bonnie, I love it! You are so lucky to have the old photos like you do, it looks great.
    Thank you for the nice comment on "Chasing Shadows", it was a fun challenge.
    I love it that your dog's name is Shadow! How fun is that:)

  6. Bonnie, I love this idea and I love the thought that you are using all your dad's old photos.
    Thank you for stopping by La Bella Vie, I love it when you come to visit, wish we actually lived closer, I love your decorating style!

  7. What a special room Bonnie...and so thrifty and resourceful! My favorite is the painted picture of your dad and the chickens. Who painted it?

  8. It was actually a picture taken of him and his aunt had it enlarged by a photographer around 1925. Back then, I guess they did a lot of color fill in as it looks like water color. I have the original black and white picture that she took to the photographer. The frame is wood that was painted and the glass is rounded. It has the original backing on it that is slowly wearing away.

  9. What a cool picture of your dad! Your room looks fantastic!

  10. Your bathroom looks so great! I absolutely love that photo of your Dad - he looks so cool! Also, the picture of him at 4 is just beautiful - what a treasure! I love that you made this little room so personal and pretty for so little money. Good job!


  11. Your room looks sooooo fav pick is the one of your dad with the chickens...I know why your Grandma had it displayed for so long...sooooo CUTE!


  12. What a great transformation! I love the picture of your dad with the chickens -- THAT is a great picture and deserves to be seen! What an interesting picture and so unlike most pics of that era.

  13. Wonderful re-do and I ADORE that "gangster" photo of our dad! SOOOOOO classic!!!! I love the picture of my parents from that era, too!!!!

    Great job,

  14. What a beautiful bathroom!

  15. I loved what you did with your dad's things. My dad had a cup and brush for shaving like that when we were kids. I remember walking to Savons and us buying an Old Spice Soap on a Rope. We were so happy to give it to him. It's funny how the small simple memories are the best.

  16. I adore your bathroom! It looks amazing, I love houses/rooms that tell a story.. I also love the "gangster" picture of your father!!!

  17. I love all that you have done. You are a great lady and you did good job honoring your father. Thanks for sharing your home. Gloria Burgos


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