Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camper Update and Flowers in Bloom

For those of you that are following me know I am busy working on the camper so this post is just something I had started. Nothing too exciting!

To keep you up to date on my camper progress, I did primer on the ceiling and the counter tops. There are 6 separate small counters throughout the whole camper!

I have sanded just the door and drawer fronts of all the cabinets, 40 in total! So far I have put the PolyShades on just the kitchen. Still have the living room, bathroom and bedroom to go yet. The ones that are done look GOOD!

I painted the bathroom which is so small and has so many places to cut in that I got a cramp in my hand!

I had some tweed look curtain panels that I bought several years ago for $5 a pair and decided to make a shower curtain out of one panel. I added a valance to it from leftover fabric I had when I made the camper curtains for the livingroom and kitchen last year. (Still working on my photography skills!)

The remaining panels are being hemmed for the bedroom. I also made a pillow from what I cut off of the bottom of the panels. I was thinking of putting a big button in the middle of band. Maybe some simple trim around the band? What do you think?

Back to work now!

Here are some outdoor snapshots I took last month!

I finally found the time (and money) to get my flower pots planted!! We don't have the money to buy ready made hanging pots so I do my own every year! This year I decided to do the hanging plants with petunias, wizard jade and sweet potato vine!

The wishing well has snap dragons and some vinca vine. I hope the vine will hang down pretty on the wishing well! I see the wishing well needs a desperate coat of stain, too!

I also hung the humming bird feeder out and they are going crazy for that sugar mixture! You can barely see him sneaking a drink in this picture!!

Some pretty impatiens and begonias! I tried to keep them where they get limited amounts of sun!

As you can tell, here at the front steps of our porch, our red cedar wood is in desperate need of some staining! That is my project after our vacation in June! Here are some pictures of the pots on the steps anyway!
Just ignore the sorry looking wood!!

Don't you just LOVE these two frogs??? Everyone says it reminds them of my honey and I before we had kids! I lived in Texas for awhile as a teenager and my favorite thing to do was go to the beach and lay out in the sun! We have pictures of my honey and I laying at the beach under the umbrella and we were quite thin at that time!!! Oh, memories...

Over here on the side of the house, I worked all day digging up the soil and turning it over to get rid of the weeds and hopefully give the roots room to grow! As you can see, all we need now is some MULCH!! Another honey doo item on the list! We can get one yard of mulch for $25 but we just need more TIME!!

You can also tell that our home is lived in and used by all of us! There is a path from our dog Shadow, an arrow target for my honey and boys to practice their archery and lots of powerwashing to be done on the house. That's okay, if I waited until it was perfect, I would never post ANYTHING!

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  1. I barely spent anytime this weekend on the blog because I was working in the yard. There has to be some balance. It looks like you are getting a lot accomplished.

  2. Love it all Bonnie, I am envious you have a camper and get to work on it. Love the fabric, very fitting.

  3. How fun to work on a camper. I also make all my own flower baskets and don't buy ready made. They are so expensive and don't have as much personality as homemade. I've found that the hanging iron planters are easy to spray paint when they look worn out and it makes them look new again. I want to try impatiens this summer. I haven't put them in living in Oregon yet. You've inspired me to pick some up and see if I can keep them alive :)

  4. Ahhh, don't ya just love the spring! Looking beautiful in your yard :)

  5. I overwintered alot of my ferns this year because they are so expensive! I put them all in the garage this winter and they looked a little rough coming out at first but quickly revived! Your yard is coming along nicely, but the camper snippets are most exciting to me! That fabric is too cute! Can't wait to see more of all your hard work on the cabinets. I know it must be quite a job! Just think you will be able to sit back and enjoy it all soon! Hang in there!

  6. Hi Bonnie: What a joy camping will be when you finish! I loved seeing the beginnings of beautiful plantings. Mine are way behind here in Chicagoland. We're still in heavy sweaters! I miss my sweet southern homeplace!


  7. Homes should look lived in that is what we do with them. My deck needs to be repainted, too. Flaking off everywhere. Pretty flowers around your yard though.

  8. for my birthday, i got the book *my cool caravan* and she talks about redoing campers....adore IT!

  9. Isn't there always something to be done?!!! Looks like you at least got a great start on your plantings.

    I have yet to venture out to the lawn and garden stores this season...and it's getting late! The damp, cool spring here in KS just hasn't gotten me in the mood for planting, which is probably exactly what I need!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday,


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