Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Getting Ready for Memorial Day Weekend!

Well, before we can pick up and go camping/boating this weekend, a few things had to be done first!

I had to go down to the garden and "hoe" around to try and get rid of some weeds!! I think it is looking good for my first BIG garden!!

Here we have some onions (their not looking too great!) and green beans. I am surprised how well everything is growing!

The first row would be the romaine lettuce and of course the second row is the tomatoes!!

This last two rows are the radishes and cucumbers. The radishes are really growing the best.

Now I need those boys to get down there and weedeat around my garden!! Good FREE help is hard to find!!

This handsome guy LOVES to help me. He is never far from my side so good thing we named him Shadow. He killed a copper head in the yard this week and luckily it didn't bite him. He is such the good puppy!!! Okay, 100lb overgrown dog!!

From there, we had to clean and get these two beauties ready for the upcoming trips!!

This is HIS boat...I like mine better!! You see which one is in the garage! Mine won't fit!

This is MY boat...

See how much more fun my boat can be??? That is my oldest son and my honey. Guess who wore out sooner??? We aren't as young as were once were but at least we try!

Tomorrow I will post the camper reveal!! I are all on the edge of your seat just waiting!!!!

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  1. Wonderful post Bonnie...your gardens are great. Pontoon boats are so much fun....I like the amount of people that you can have on them. Our boat only sits 8...which is fine too, I am happy to have one....enjoy the weekend Bonnie!


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