Sunday, May 30, 2010

GoodWill Trip Treasures!

As some of you are aware, I am out of town this weekend but I wanted to have a few posts scheduled while I am gone!

Okay, I think I am obsessed with the thrift stores. Everyone I see, I am stopping at and just can't stop myself!!!!

I saw this topiary and thought it would look good in my sewing room as it is! I guess $3 wasn't too much!

Oops! Didn't realize my rooster was in the background!! He definitely wasn't a thrift store find!! Got him at HomeGoods a long time ago!

I needed a shelf to go behind the stove in the camper. I thought my honey could put a little piece of wood across the front bottom to keep my salt & pepper shakers from falling off while we are moving on down the road! Then I will paint it brown to match! It was only $1

I am linking up with Debbiedoos Garage Salen party even though I won't be here to link back from her site! Do stop and take a look and everyone's goodies!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Getting Ready for Memorial Day Weekend!

Well, before we can pick up and go camping/boating this weekend, a few things had to be done first!

I had to go down to the garden and "hoe" around to try and get rid of some weeds!! I think it is looking good for my first BIG garden!!

Here we have some onions (their not looking too great!) and green beans. I am surprised how well everything is growing!

The first row would be the romaine lettuce and of course the second row is the tomatoes!!

This last two rows are the radishes and cucumbers. The radishes are really growing the best.

Now I need those boys to get down there and weedeat around my garden!! Good FREE help is hard to find!!

This handsome guy LOVES to help me. He is never far from my side so good thing we named him Shadow. He killed a copper head in the yard this week and luckily it didn't bite him. He is such the good puppy!!! Okay, 100lb overgrown dog!!

From there, we had to clean and get these two beauties ready for the upcoming trips!!

This is HIS boat...I like mine better!! You see which one is in the garage! Mine won't fit!

This is MY boat...

See how much more fun my boat can be??? That is my oldest son and my honey. Guess who wore out sooner??? We aren't as young as were once were but at least we try!

Tomorrow I will post the camper reveal!! I are all on the edge of your seat just waiting!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Camper Reveal Tour!

Well, it isn't totally done but as close as she will get this year!! I know you have all been waiting so patiently!! In case you are wondering about the "theme", my honey is a HUGE hunting/fishing guy who loves the outdoors so we decided to make the camper into a lodge theme. For other details about the camper please check out these posts HERE and HERE!

As you walk in the door you see the sofa. The cabinets have been stained and the knobs painted. I found some baskets for dvd storage and a few accessories I had from my son's old room. We keep all the games in those cabinets above the sofa.

Look at the beautiful job my honey did in laying this laminate flooring! It matched the other "wood" paneling so well and we found it at Lumber Liquidators for .99 square foot! Cute cabin rug I found at a store called Bergners on clearance in Illinois.

This is standing in the kitchen looking towards the bedroom. We plan on replacing the carpet in the bathroom with some vinyl. Maybe next year!

I reupholstered this sofa bed last year with a microfiber material I found on clearance at JoAnns Fabric. I think I got it for $4 a yard. We hide the vacuum and broom under the sofa!

Here we have the "entertainment center"!!! I used a crewel basket for a magazine holder. Works well!

This the view of the kitchen. My newly stained doors are so nice and shiny!! Love the black knobs I painted! We had to buy two separate mini blinds for each window as one 6 foot blind was just too expensive. I wish we could have done the one but these work fine. I still need to shorten them!

Here is a close up of the bench seats that I reupholstered last year. I found this cabin fabric at Walmart for $4 a yard. I took the old ones apart, made a pattern, reused the back and the zipper. Not too bad for an amateur!! Will work on refinishing that table next year!

I think the counter tops that I painted really turned out great. It is amazing how they transformed the whole space. They used to be the same blue/mauve color of the table.

Here we have the rustic country vanity that I painted and aged. I really like how it turned out. Love the cup I found and I am still waiting for the soap dispenser to come in that I ordered to match!!

Here is the shower curtain that I made from a panel and left over fabric from the living room curtains. I painted the walls with some leftover tan paint we had at the house. Really warmed up the camper to make it feel "homey"!

I just love how the bedroom turned out! It looks so inviting to me. This comforter was on my son's bed before we remodeled his room. I made the curtains from panels I already had that I bought on clearance for $5 a pair!
Another shot of the bedroom. I can't wait to sleep there this holiday weekend!!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of our "Grand Cabin"!! We get a lot of use out of it and even though she is an oldie, she is still a goodie to us!!

I have a few posts scheduled for while we are away on vacation so you won't hear from me personally!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Animal Lover Neighbors!!

Our neighbors have a farm of animals that I think are just pets!! I thought I would take you over there for some up close and personal experiences with those animals!!

I know there are at least 50 of these goats!! Sometimes they are standing on top of that hay bale!! Look at that rooster's hairdoo!!!

I think these are called guinies. They look like rocks in the distance but when they move they are really fast! They also have some tame turkeys somewhere!

If there are 50 goats, then I know there are 100 chickens and many NOISY roosters!!

Here are the two donkeys that are never more than 5 feet away from each other! Noisy isn't the word to describe these two cuties! They can make a noise that sounds like they are being tortured to death!!!

I love these Alpacas until you get close to them!! They have ugly teeth!!

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool???? Just dirty wool from rolling in the grass!

Lot's of ducks and geese on their spring fed concrete pond!

They have some horses, cows and steer but this one I don't understand. Why would you want a yak?
I hope you enjoyed your trip to our neighborhood zoo!! Luckily for us, we can't hear them much but the other neighbors hear more than they may want!!! Roosters crow at all hours, not just when the sun rises!!!

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrifty Nifty Finds at Goodwill and Camper Update!

Well, I have accomplished alot but can't give you the BIG reveal yet! I will be hanging curtains tomorrow, cleaning up the whole thing and putting everything away! However, here is a sneak peek at the bathroom vanity that I finished tonight.

I found this blue oops paint at Lowes for $2.50 and it was the perfect color to go under the crackle finish. What a deal!! Look at that lovely carpet...Yuck!!
Then I applied the crackle and the top coat. I was looking for a rustic cabin look to go with the "theme" of the camper. I think it works! Just need a little gel stain and polyurethane on it now. I think the counter tops really came out nice now that they are done.

On now to my thrifty treasures I found at Goodwill! I got the wicker basket above for $2 and I am using it for a trash can.

I found this stand and three containers for $4. I think I am going to paint them and use them for herb planters in my kitchen!

Not exactly sure what this is but I was thinking of using it as a stand for my fruit bowl. It was a $1

There was something about this lamp that was calling my name. I have no clue why or how I am going to make it look better. I just had to have it for the cabinet that I just completed in the dining room. I know, it is different!!

It reminds me of a Genie lamp! Maybe it will bring me three wishes!!!

Doesn't it look good here on the cabinet in the dining room??? I like it, alot!! Any ideas on how I can "enhance" her good looks??? You are all probably thinking I am nuts!!

My mother in law was going to give this to Salvation Army so I grabbed it! I just threw some lemons and limes in it to see how it will look! FREE!!!

These were some Wal-Mart and Lowes clearance bargains!

Napkins, 2 per pack that I am going to sew together to make pillows for the camper. Two pillows for a total of $4!!!! Also a half circle flower foam that some little kid must have smashed hundreds of finger dips into it!! I figured for .75 it would work in the thrift item I got a while back...

See, perfect fit!! See all the finger dimples!! I want to make one of those boxwood ball topiary like thingy!!! Okay, quit laughing!

I painted this vase thing as it used to look like this!! Kind of a dirty gold color. I think it turned out pretty good!

This is how I think the good Lord works. I wanted a new cup and soap dispenser for the camper in a cabin theme but I refused to pay $15 + shipping for each one. So I decided to just keep waiting and shopping around. Well, look what I found at Lowes on the clearance rack....for $2.50!! No soap dispenser but I found it in an online store and a coupon for free shipping for $16.95 so in total I only spent $19.45 instead of $30+! Sorry, I get excited about those bargains and when I feel the Lord is blessing me for waiting.

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