Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Master Bedroom Dreaming!

I have been planning our future remodel of our master bedroom. Of course, I have been looking through images to get ideas. I love color and it has to have a warm feeling! I am wanting our master bedroom to be a retreat where we can relax and enjoy each other away from the demands of raising teenagers and assisting our elderly parents. I want something dramatic and romantic but still masculine for Mr. Creative!!

I found these images that each had something that spoke to me and that I wanted in the room!

I love the ceiling. I want to paint our vaulted ceiling in a bronze/copper metallic!


This says romance, but not what my honey, Mr. Creative had in mind!! This is at Disney Resort! I want a "fainting couch" chaise to read and relax on!


This is more of my hubby's idea! I definitely want a fireplace but know it won't be as massive as this one! We have oak trim throughout to incorporate as well!


I saw this before on Rate My Space website. I just love the lights glowing under the bed!


This definitely has the rustic and masculine feeling!


This is probably more feasible for a fireplace in our bedroom! I love the brown color scheme!

courtesy of

This is the set up of our room with the vaulted ceiling and windows on each side of the bed. However, we have a semi circle window above the bed and more room between the window and the bed. I definitely want a chandelier!

courtesy of

We will probably paint the blue in our room since the bedding is brown/blue/gold. I like the arrangement of this room with the pictures, lamps and different nightstands.

courtesy of

I have to have this saying in our room somewhere! It just says everything about our marriage!
Again, love the brown!

courtesy of

I have been planning this room for so long. It is going to be close to the last room finished. Isn't that the way it goes? We leave the master retreat for last because no one else will see it but us!

Sweet Dreams!!



mle said...

I have grand plans for every master we've had but, sadly, it always gets the shaft!! Too many other things butt in line ahead of it...
Sounds like you're on your way to a fabulous master!! Yay!
happy wednesday

the cape on the corner said...

i love that blue one from decorpad. i'm working on my bedroom now, and i wish it had room for a fireplace and vaulted ceilings! totally jealous, but good for you. can't wait to see how this plays out!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Love the two from Decor Pad.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

You have some wonderful inspiration picturs to work from. I know it will turn out lovely.

Traci said...

We've been in our house 5 yrs. & the Master bed & bath still aren't finished because nobody sees them!! Those are really some beautiful rooms.

Debbie said...

I love the two from decorpad fact I remember them from is my sweet savannahs...she does great work!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Hey girlfriend,
Well I must say I love all these rooms! And would love to have a fireplace in ours like some of these have. My husband built our mantle/fireplace in my living room and I think Mr. Creative probably could too.
I do have WALLWORDS in our room as well as other place around the house and jut love them. In our Master suite, I have;

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great pictures, Bonnie! I love the one with the monogram and I think I have a vinyl of the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" that is still waiting to be put up in my master bedroom. I just can't decide what wall to put it on. Otherwise, I'm done with that room and it's probably one of the only rooms I'm totally satisfied with!

Olivia~ said...

Oh wow! These are gorgeous pics! Love the painted ceiling.
Good luck with your redo.


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