Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Take a Drive to our House!

When you turn off the main road to our property, you see this sign which we always hope will deter others from continuing on!!
Next up, still in civilization is one of our neighbors. I think they have the best house in our neighborhood. They put in a gorgeous pool and pool house the last few years. Lots of grass to cut!!

Then you leave civilization!! Here is the low water bridge with spring water crossing it year round. Drive carefully as to the right is a waterfall drop off!!!

While on the bridge look to the left and you see the creek going up to the spring!
As we continue on, here we have ANOTHER low water bridge. However this one is rain water only so it is usually dry. As you can see there is just a trickle remaining.

This is also where we have to DRIVE our trash cans down to have them picked up!!! Make a LEFT!!
Keep on going!!!!

Don't stop!! Almost there!! First driveway (only driveway) on the right!! My husband likes all this to be cut with the weedeater! The boys still have more to do here on the right!

You made it!!! Just up the driveway to the house!! More weeds that are cut!!

Make sure you stop and look at the fossils in the rocks on the way up!

Hope you enjoyed your drive!!


Always Nesting said...

Beautiful property and drive!

Katie said...

How cool! I love that you live way out there. I bet it's so peacefull!

kim said...

Bonnie, it like going on a trip to get to your house. Pretty drive though.

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a beautiful drive! That low water bridge with the waterfall is a bit scary though!


La Bella Vie said...

Love this Bonnie! this is exactly how our house is. some people say we live out in the sticks, we like to say we live in God's country!
Thanks for the trip home,

The Thrifty Designer said...

Beautiful Bonnie! I want a house in the country...maybe someday :)

La Bella Vie said...

Love this post, it reminds me of where we live...in Gods country.

La Bella Vie said...

still trying to send comment...I hope you are OK and this is just some blogger fluke.

Kerri said...

Cute post! I love the way you took us on a trip to your house...except you never showed us your house! Maybe next time! :)

Room to Inspire said...

What a great drive - oh how I long for property one day!



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